Utah Arsenal FC

welcomes you to their on-line registration site for X-league and competitive soccer.  

Please take time to read the instructions on each page to insure proper use of the system.

Once you have created a username and password, you have the ability to access the system 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.  You can update e-mail addresses, home addresses, contact information and phone numbers. E-mail is the primary link in which Utah Arsenal uses to contact players and parents.

If you experience any problems or have any questions, you may contact the

Utah Youth Soccer Association at (801) 307-5150.

*** For fall: As tryouts are completed, teams will be posted on the Utah Arsenal FC website. You will receive information from your coach on how to register for the fall 2021 - spring 2022 playing season. Please have the following before you continue: player assignment code, a file on your computer that contains a photo of your player and emergency contact information.


Please visit our website for more Arsenal information at utaharsenalsc.net

Visit the Utah Youth Soccer Website for more fun soccer info - CLICK HERE